LAGOS_2060? The future is here!


LAGOS_2060 is out! And at DADA books, we are proud to launch the anthology with a campaign that has been a long time coming. As part of an ongoing collaboration with Afrelib, a social enterprise working to make reading material widely available to young people in Africa (, we are proud to announce our campaign for LAGOS_2060. The Afrelib vision is to make it as easy and fun for the child in the rural area as one in the urban setting to read fantastic stories, write intelligently and learn about their world, regardless of circumstance. The Afrelib approach is in order to collate the best educational content, curate relevant programs and facilitate easy access for all.

Follow this link for more on what we are doing with Afrelib:

The campaign seeks to raise sufficient funds to keep producing more books like LAGOS_2060 and in return for this support from the reading public, we will release a digital edition of LAGOS_2060 under creative commons (on a date determined by how soon our target is reached), making it accessible to all and free to share.  The campaign is made possible by the amazing people at and can be accessed through this link:

Click here to help unglue LAGOS_2060 by buying a digital edition!

Also available in print and digital versions via Amazon and other major international online retail channels.


We want our stories to travel far…to villages hidden away in yet to be ‘discovered’ parts of Nigeria, to habitation pods orbiting Mars, to remote space stations and yes, to numerous earth bound digital devices, hungry for content. When that is done, we want to start another project just like LAGOS_2060, and do it all over again.


What if you could give a book to everyone on earth? Get an ebook and read it on any device, in any format, forever? Give an ebook to your library, for them to share? Own DRM-free ebooks, legally? Read free ebooks, and know their creators had been fairly paid?

At, you can pledge toward creating ebooks that will be legally free, worldwide. These books have already been traditionally published, but they’re stuck: legal restrictions keep you from being able to enjoy and share them. gets them unstuck. Authors and publishers decide what amount lets them freely share their books with the world while still making a living. We raise that fee here through crowdfunding: people like you chipping in. When campaigns succeed, authors and publishers get paid, and they issue a free electronic edition under a Creative Commons license.

What if you could give your favorite book to the world?

What if you could unglue it?


By purchasing one copy (digital edition) of LAGOS_2060 through this link, you effectively bring the date closer when the book will be made available under a creative commons licence for free distribution. Your purchase also empowers the creators of the anthology to do more. We have taken the first step by setting an date of January 14, 2060. Every purchase brings the release date closer, so buy one now and buy for all your friends.


 Click the link below to view our Welcome to: LAGOS_2060 video.


Title: LAGOS_2060

Publisher: DADA books (Design And Dream Arts Enterprises)


Genre: Short Stories

Length: 242 pages

Format: Paper back /ePub

Publication date: October 2013

In 2010, eight writers came together to contribute stories to an anthology on fictional / futuristic takes on the city of Lagos via a workshop tagged LAGOS_2060, conceived to commemorate Nigeria’s golden jubilee. We asked ourselves, what will Lagos evolve into in the next fifty years taking into consideration the mega city’s rich history and on-going urban renewal efforts by the State Government? What will it be like to live in Lagos 100 years after Nigeria gained independence from the British?

The anthology that grew out of the workshop is telling in the different versions of the future it foretells. In LAGOS_2060, an unusual scenario planning exercise achieved through the power and magic of a creative writing programme; there are climate change induced natural disasters actively plugged by doomsday preachers of the day, there are serious government institutions involved in first rate science and more often than not, these institutions tackle and solve the energy crisis to various degrees of success. There are wars and near wars as Lagos threatens to secede from the Nigerian state to have full control of its own economy. There are robots, amphibious speed trains, psychedelic drugs and highly trained security operatives with conflicts of interest, but more importantly, there are the ubiquitous Lagos people, whose industry and inventiveness seems largely unchanged, despite how much their city has travailed in the intervening half century.

The stories are listed below:
1. Amphibian Attack by Afolabi Muheez Ashiru
2. Animals on the run by Okey Egboluche
3. Annihilation by Chiagozie Fred Nwonwu
4. A starlit night by Kofo Akib
5. Cold Fusion by Ayodele Arigbabu
6. Coming Home by Rayo Falade
7. Mango Republic by Terh Agbedeh

8. Metal Feet by Temitayo Olofinula

Visit: for background gist on this ground breaking project brought to you by DADA books


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