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iREAD on Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward

Design and Dream Arts Enterprises (DADA), Positive Development Foundation (PDF) and Freedom Park present iREAD with the theme ‘Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward’, holding on Saturday, September 7, 3pm-6pm, at Freedom Park, Broad Street, Lagos Island. Image

iREAD is a social gathering of creative thinkers, authors, and book lovers convened periodically to discuss books, the creative process that produces them and the social issues they address. This time, iREAD is focusing on the theme ‘Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward, in line with the 2013 International Youth Day.

The International Youth Day (IYD) was established by the United Nations in 2000 as a means of raising awareness of issues affecting young people around the world. IYD forms part of the UN’s wider World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY), an initiative that aims to promote the wellbeing and livelihood of young people. Its 15 priority areas include: education, employment, poverty and hunger, the environment, drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, leisure-time activities, health, girls and young women, HIV/AIDS, information and communications technology, inter-generational issues, armed conflict, the mixed impact of globalization, and the full and effective participation of youth in society and in decision-making.

Why Youth & Migration?

Youth are recognized as one of the most mobile social groups in the context of migration – they form about 30% of international migrants! Yet very little is known about the livelihood struggles and opportunities that migration presents for young migrants and other youth who are affected by migration. We need to raise awareness about the situation of these young people as well as the role of youth-led organizations in addressing migration issues!

This month’s edition of iRead will initiate a round table discussion among adults and young people to promote intergenerational understanding and partnerships on the issue of youth migration. The event will also feature an art exhibition which showcases the challenges of young migrants today or how young migrants including returnees are contributing to development at home and abroad. The conversation will involve young people in the domains of culture, arts and music; and will raise awareness on youth migration related issues.

Theme/focus areas:

• Does migration benefit the Nigerian youth? What are the possible risks?

• How can youth embark on migration safely?

• What are the dangers of irregular migration?

• What are the rights of young migrants?

• What role can youth in the diaspora play in promoting development at home and abroad?

• How can youth promote positive public perceptions on migration and migrants?

• How does migration affect youth who are left behind by migrant parents?

Attendance is free and open to all.


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