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iRead: The May Edition: The place of Non-Fiction Narratives in the literary cosmos

Last year, a young American scholar, Hefzibah Israel threw a challenge to Nigerian and African writers. It happened that Hefzibah connected with some Nigerian writers on Facebook and while acknowledging their dexterity with fiction, wondered why that skill was not being applied to the wide gap of knowledge about the continent. The challenge from Hefzibah was simple: there is a serious dearth of information about you, why don’t you provide it.

Ms. Israel, like many others, had tried before to get information about the continent, and aside from bits here and there, drew several blanks, especially when the search goes beyond flora and fauna.

This is not to say that nothing is being written about the continent, but to stress that what we have out there is like a drop of water in a very thirsty Sahara. Beyond the challenge of the American scholar, we acknowledge that though we tell our stories, or are trying to tell our stories, we urgently need to tell more.

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