When Abuja Literati came out for DADA author Sylva Ifedigbo

Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

Sylva Nze Ifedigbo, author of wave making collection of Short Stories The Funeral Did Not End was guest writer at two foremost Abuja literary events over the weekend.

The opportunity to read in not one but two venues in Nigeria’s capital city was for him a homecoming of sorts. Before Lagos, Abuja was the city that hosted Ifedigbo’s literary genius.

His first reading was on October 26 at Abuja Literary Society’s monthly Book Jam at the Silverbird Galleria, where he shared the platform with Ukamaka Olisakwe and Tope Fasua. Ukamaka, like Nze Ifedigbo, is making a name for herself with her novel “Eyes of a Goddess”; and Tope, author of a non-fiction book “Crushed”, is also to be reckoned with.

Audience at ALS BookJam

The event, held inside Silverbird’s Lifestyle Bookshop and hosted by Zubairu Attah, had an impressive attendance, impressive enough for all seats to be occupied by early birds and those who came later having little option but to stand. The reading provided the right atmosphere for up and coming writers to mingle with already established one. Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, Elnathan John, Theresa Oyibo Ameh and Chinyere Obasi Obi were in attendance.

We must add here that all copies of TFDNE available in the Lifestyle store sold out at the reading.

Nze Sylva at AWF Guest Writer's series

The seconding reading was on October 27 and Nze Ifedigbo was guest of the Abuja Writers Forum’s monthly Guest Writer’s Series, an honour he shared with poet Seun Badejo. This event started at almost 5pm and the turn out rivalled the previous reading.

The AWF spiced up their event with a mini visual exhibition and music, while AWF founder Dr. Emman Shehu thrilled the audience with rib cracking jobs centred on Nigeria’s urban legend, Akpos.

Again all copies of TFDNE sold out.

In all, it was a very good outing and the Abuja literati showed the rest of the country the way to go.

On to the next one.

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