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Under Construction with Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

– By Fred Nwonwu


Writing has its forgettable aspects – such as those misspelt words, grammar misses and all other unsavoury word smears that make even the best of us want to crawl and hide our head in shame. But then, only those with experience can ever begin to equate the joy that races through a writer’s blood at the sight of his/her words in print, open and accessible to public view.

This feeling, I know from experience, can be exhilarating when one’s story – which to a writer is akin to a progeny, and is at times treated with the copious protectiveness a mother bestows upon a child – appears in a journal – online or print, it does not matter. However, those who have experienced it, say this feeling is multiplied a thousand times when you hold in your hands, for the first time, a bound copy of your sweat and anguish, personified by a work of literature, and gets suffused by the smell of gum on fleshly minted paper.

Perhaps it is a feeling similar to this that a writer friend, Sylva Nze Ifedigbo, felt a few days ago when he was given the first copy of his soon to be released collection of short stories “The Funeral did not End” at CORA House, venue of what was to be his first reading from the book.

Attending Sylva Ifedigbo’s first reading was a very personal decision for me, since I consider the writer a friend and colleague. I first took notice of Sylva, who I prefer to call by his somehow apt native name, Nze, online about two years ago. Like many aspiring writers of this generation, Sylva was making use of the available online portals to publish his literary efforts. I first noticed his politically charged articles in Nigeria Village Square and Sahara reporters, before I started seeing his short stories here and there……(read full story here:

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