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visit the DADA books bloGazine today @

Have you read Fred Nwonwu’s chilling short story- ‘Footsteps in the Hallway’ on the DADA books bloGazine?


Read a story today, post a story today!


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Jumoke Verissimo reads from works in progress

Odia Ofeimun’s blurb on the back of Jumoke Verissimo’s poetry collection: I am memory says- This Poet will travel. Jumoke has indeed travelled with her poetry and the reputation of that first book has preceded her on many of those trips.

So now we are asking, since 2008 when ‘I am memory’ was published, what have you been up to, Miss Verissimo? Join us for an afternoon of readings from works in progress (novels, poems, short fiction) by this personable poet. You really have to tell some one about this, cuz it’s gonna be fun!

Date: Saturday 16th July 2011
Time: 3pm – 6pm
Venue: DADA stores, 1st flr. 95 Bode Thomas Str. Surulere, Lagos.

Entry is free.

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